Imizi Children’s Center

Imizi Children's Center

Providing a home, hope and opportunities for Rwanda's neediest children.

The Imizi Children’s Center is foundation of ROP’s work in Rwanda. At Imizi we provide comprehensive residential care for up to 100 former street boys, provide completely free primary education to more than 100 children from our community’s poorest families, and provide workshops and training for parents and adults from around our area.

Our facilities include

  • Housing for up to 100 former street children
  • A fully staffed primary (elementary) school that educates approximately 200 students daily
  • A social work office where children and adults can go for counseling, workshops and other support
  • A small medical clinic where children receive basic treatment and first-aid
  • A large library and playroom full of books, toys and games for children
  • A large dining hall and an eco-friendly outdoor kitchen
  • Fields for volleyball and soccer/rugby
  • New eco-friendly toilet facilities that allow us to recycle our waste to fertilizer for agriculture and have no impact on the environment
  • Comprehensive rainwater catchment and storage facilities to ensure access to water year ’round
  • Lots of space for our children to run around and enjoy being outside and away from the noise and distraction of the city