Education Programs


Education that opens doors

One of the toughest challenges in taking in children who have been living on the streets is changing their behavior. Often we find these children have had to beg, steal and fight to survive on the streets, and many will have used drugs and alcohol too. Through schooling and gentle guidance from our experienced staff, we try to gradually change their behavior and instill in each of them a passion for learning and the understanding that education is their best hope to live better lives.

Nearly every child who comes to Imizi has fallen behind in their education, and many have never attended a single day of school in their lives. Because of this, the Imizi Children’s Center has an in-house primary school where each child has a chance to continue their schooling in a nurturing environment. Our teachers are experienced and caring, and also offer support and pastoral care to our children. We also offer our older children the opportunity to attend a secondary school or vocational school after they have completed primary school.

It’s not only our resident boys and girls who benefit from our education program. We also provide completely free primary schooling to more than 100 boys and girls from our local community’s poorest families. The parents of these children cannot afford to send their children to public school so without ROP’s support they would not be receiving any education at all.