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Hello from Rwanda. We’ve had a great few months at the ROP, and we wanted to share some of our latest news with you.

Hello from Rwanda. We’ve had a great few months at the ROP, and we wanted to share some of our latest news with you.

Taking care of the health of 100 boys is no cheap and easy task, and looking out for their dental health is no exception. Lucky for us we now have some help. Thanks to Human Resources for Health, an organization that pairs international health experts with Rwandan health institutions in order to improve their level of care, the boys of the Rwandan Orphans Project have been getting free cleanings and screenings as well as reduced cost dental treatment.

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As you may have read here our boys have been getting weekly lessons in photography from American teacher Amber for the last few months. We’ve all be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work the kids have been producing and are often amazed at the shots they take, which show the Rwandan Orphans Project through their eyes. Last week Amber organised an exhibition at a communal office space in Kigali – called The Office – to show off some of the photos the kids have produced.

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Our boys love playing with cameras. Lend them a camera and they will run around the Center taking photos of anything and everything, filling up your memory card in no more than 20 minutes. However, look through the three or four hundred images they took and you’ll find most of them blurry, poorly composed or shots of really random and uninteresting subjects, such as a cement floor. To them photography was more about playing with a camera than it was about being creative and exploring the world through a lens.

There are two groups the boys especially look forward to seeing each year: the “cricket men” and the “rugby men” (as the kids call them). The rugby men are the volunteers of the organization Friends of Rwandan Rugby, a UK-based charity whose mission is to promote rugby in Rwanda. They come to Rwanda every year and they always make time to visit us. As well as spending time with the boys, they also often bring bags full of clothes and other donations that save us a lot of money. And this year they went a step further.

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Thanks to our wonderful friends at Cricket Without Boundaries - a U.K. charity that is promoting HIV/AIDS awareness while also working to expand the reach of cricket in Rwanda – we received a very special guest on Tuesday.

On Monday night I received a call from Lee Booth, one of the leaders of CWB and a great supporter of our program. Lee informed me that among their team of visitors from the U.K. this week was the Duchess of Rutland and he wanted to bring her to the Rwandan Orphans Project so she could see the work we are doing with children.

Great news! The Rwandan Orphans Project now has a way to make more from donations from UK donors. The ROP has partnered with Survivors Fund, a well established UK charity, to collect donations on our behalf. This means the ROP can now collect Gift Aid, which will add up to 25% to every donation made by UK taxpayers. This means your donation will go even further towards helping the children of the ROP.

If you’re thinking about making a donation to the ROP, now is the time to do it! Because thanks to a generous offer from one of the ROP’s biggest supporters, your donation will be doubled and will also benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society at the same time. So with just one donation, you will be helping two wonderful charities! What’s not to like?

We’d like to say a big thank you to the wonderful people at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation for their huge donation of furniture yesterday! The lovely Sushant, who works for the organisation, offered us this big selection of good quality furniture after they decided to down-size their offices.

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